TrancEnd - Live Performance and Interview with JD, Closer to the Edge at 103.3 Asheville FM

Thursday, May 25th, 3:00 PM EDT.  TrancEnd is live in the studio at 103.3 AshevilleFM.  They'll be performing four songs from their latest album, Lilac, and their own rendition of the cover, "Running up that Hill," by Kate Bush. Afterward they'll be joining Asheville DJ, JD, on "Closer to the Edge" in a live interview.  Tune in and hear what it's all about!

Special thanks to AshevilleFM for hosting this event and for supporting TrancEnd!
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See a preview of the performance/interview here: TrancEnd Live 103.3 AshevilleFM (Preview)
Full performance/interview here: TrancEnd Live 103.3 AshevilleFM (Full)

“Seldom do I find a band that has it all; that is destined for greatness; that has that magic synergy.  TrancEnd are a hypnotic mix of genre-bending Prog with strong signature traits consisting of a distinct vocal style, skilled musicianship; dynamic song structure; and a stellar production.  A talented band with authentic chemistry and a sonic and visual identity that transcends the ordinary and pleases the senses." - JD, Closer to the Edge, Asheville FM